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Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Unbuilt Las Vegas

Architectural sketch of Xanadu by Martin J. Stern
A small but select exhibit hangs at the UNLV Lied Library. Called "Unbuilt Las Vegas: Imagining Failed Dreams," it showcases architectural concepts ... Continue Reading

Chicago Building Awareness

Wrigley Clock Tower on the Chicago Architectural Cruise
Look for the blue awnings and start here. Even if it's gray and drizzling (it was when I went — check that sky in the photos), it's a ... Continue Reading

Wright’s Robie House Rules

Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House in Chicago
Sure there's Taliesen, the Guggenheim and Falling Water but if you fancy yourself a Frank Lloyd Wright aficionado, you better get yourself to ... Continue Reading

A taste of Mackintosh

Mackintosh rose detail
It goes without saying that a trip to Glasgow will involve some kind of bump up against Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Whether it be a climb to the ... Continue Reading

The Four Seasons Closes and I Go Crazy

Four Seasons Restaurant ceiling shadows before closing
Sometimes you have to get crazy. When you hear about a storied New York institution closing. When you read the articles, see the historical photos. ... Continue Reading

AIA Honolulu Architectural Walking Tour

Walking tours are a smart way to get oriented to a city or area. An added bonus is if the tour hits one of your interests. The AIA Honolulu ... Continue Reading

Shangri La Not Nirvana

Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the noodles I had for lunch. Maybe it was the guy who did a crossword puzzle all through the tour. Whatever it ... Continue Reading

Real Life in the Liljestrand House Rec Room

Staggered sofas in the Liljestrand House Rec Room
Onward! We are continuing the two hour tour through the Liljestrand House, conducted by Bob Liljestrand. We head downstairs into the rec room and ... Continue Reading

Real Life in the Liljestrand House Kitchen

House Beautiful dinnerware ad
If you're following along, we're continuing a tour through the mid-century modern marvel, the Liljestrand House. Bob Liljestrand, who grew up in this ... Continue Reading

Real Life at the Liljestrand House

upstairs fireplace in the Liljestrand House
Touring modern houses of note can often be a dry affair. You view the building features, how cutting-edge the materials were, how visionary the ... Continue Reading