Man Ray: Dada Photographer Paints

Man Ray – Human Equations: A Journey from Mathematics to Shakespeare

I’m not an art critic —”I just know what I like”— so how to explain this exhibition at the Phillips Collection? Man Ray takes photos of mathematical models. Man Ray flees Paris due to World War II, settles in Hollywood, CA. After the war, Man Ray collects his old work, including the math pictures. He begins paintings inspired by the pictures and by Shakespeare’s plays. The Phillips reunites the models, with the paintings and the photos. The result is a stunning show that could have been created yesterday, his work was so visionary. Colorful, erotic, beautiful. Random aside: I loved the video interview with him. I mistakenly always think of him with a French accent-his voice is pure New York City.

Sadly the show has closed, but here’s a short video tour. My hope is it will travel to another location.

Photos were not allowed, but I was permitted to take the shot above of a model of a model for Instagram(!) Man Ray would have approved, I bet.


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