My New Imaginary Boyfriend, Dustin Yellin

It’s official. I’ve been away from New York too long.


Well, I didn’t and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to see his work. But see it I did, finally, at the Kennedy Center. These works, part of a larger work called Psychogeographies and originally commissioned by the New York City Ballet, resided for a month in the Hall of States at the Center. The sculptures are collages/paintings are representations of dancers, all done on thick sheets of glass and then pressed together.


They bring to mind large, anatomical microscope slides, but with light passing through on all sides making them shimmer. From a distance, the dancer’s gesture is the focus, then one becomes lost in each individual clipping and paint splash. A cat becomes a toe, a receipt, part of a torso. Pretty to look at, sure. Astounding technique, yep. But there’s something more there—the iconography of experiences that make up an individual. (Here is a shot of the sculptures full-figured, from the artist’s instagram feed.)


I make window sandwiches. – Dustin Yellin


Despite their heft (3000 lbs. each) these works are so popular, I’m sure they will travel frequently. And now that I know about Yellin, I’ll follow too.


Why he’s My New Imaginary Boyfriend He bought a space for art and performance, Pioneer Works. He edits a magazine called Intercourse. He shredded $10,000 to make 8 works whose sales will benefit high school artists. Sure, he can spout the b.s. (what artist can’t?). Sure he dates movie stars (you would too if you could). But like his art, the whole is greater than the sum of his parts.

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