[lead]I’m a designer on the road pursuing the good and bad in art, architecture, design and anything mid-century.[/lead]

There are so many interesting places in this world, it’s hard to narrow down where to go when you’re not a trust-fund baby. So I devised the “designjunket” system to determine my next trip. Each junket starts out with at least one specific design-related element to investigate. It could be a painting, a building, an invention or inventor. You know, because “design is everywhere.” After I see what I sought, I check out the rest of the area. Any available pricing will be listed (current at the date of the post) and any money-saving insights will be shared because I’m a skinflint, but can’t do hostels. Sometimes I stay home and write about that too. My day job is as a principal of Vivitiv, pioneers in designing to affect change in the environment, housing, arts and technology sectors.

All opinions are my own, sometimes humble, sometimes not. I urge you to embark on your own junket and let me know your thoughts. Happy junketing! — Jacqueline


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