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Place Oddity

Cabot Museum adobe house with Kachina painting
There's a saying that states the desert attracts eccentrics, visionaries and crackpots. Ok, maybe there isn't, but there should be. Because it does. ... Continue Reading

Yes, It’s Brilliant

Neon letters at Brilliant exhibit at the Neon Museum Las Vegas
I recently received an invitation to view a new feature called Brilliant at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. The invitation was not explicit in its ... Continue Reading

Chicago Building Awareness

Wrigley Clock Tower on the Chicago Architectural Cruise
Look for the blue awnings and start here. Even if it's gray and drizzling (it was when I went — check that sky in the photos), it's a ... Continue Reading

Wright’s Robie House Rules

Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House in Chicago
Sure there's Taliesen, the Guggenheim and Falling Water but if you fancy yourself a Frank Lloyd Wright aficionado, you better get yourself to ... Continue Reading

A taste of Mackintosh

Mackintosh rose detail
It goes without saying that a trip to Glasgow will involve some kind of bump up against Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Whether it be a climb to the ... Continue Reading

AIA Honolulu Architectural Walking Tour

Walking tours are a smart way to get oriented to a city or area. An added bonus is if the tour hits one of your interests. The AIA Honolulu ... Continue Reading

The Kennedy Center, Minus the Deluge

The first time I saw the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, I was a Girl Scout on a troop trip.

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Marble, Cement & Guys in Wigs

As far as cutting-edge art and design cities, Washington DC doesn't immediately spring to mind. However, I flipped my lid when I saw that a Barbara ... Continue Reading